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At Common Ground, we offer a mix of recreational and competitive dance programs for children and youth aged 2-18 years.

Our programs keep joy in the art of dance. Whether you enrol in one of our recreational classes or wish to join our competitive company, we provide a friendly and welcoming learning environment to grow as a dancer, and a commitment to a quality dance curriculum.

Common Ground - Dance Classes in Ottawa
Common Ground - Competitive Programs
Common Ground - Competitive Programs

Competitive Programs

For Driven Dancers With a Passion to Perform

Common Ground provides dancers the opportunity to dance competitively and strive for excellence. In our competitive programs, students have the opportunity to challenge themselves, learn new techniques and grow as dancers.

Competitive dance students will perform in multiple competitions, learning how to perform under pressure and support their teammates. We are committed to preparing dancers to compete and take pride in themselves and their team!

Dancers should understand that joining the Common Ground Dance Company is a serious commitment. This requires dedication of both time and energy. The CGDA instructors will choose members for solos, duets, trios, small groups and/or large groups based on commitment, attitude, dedication, technique and ability.

For more information, please speak to our artistic director.


Dance Styles


Dance at a higher level (literally!)

In this class, you will learn how to complete acrobatic movements safely, so you’ll be flying high in your next dance performance. The progression of this class will increase flexibility, balance, strength, control and confidence.


Explore grace and strength.

In ballet, dancers build coordination and posture, while also strengthening mental focus and social skills.

We recommend all our dancers study ballet because it is the foundation of all other dance styles. A strong background in ballet technique and steps allows dancers to excel at a faster pace in other styles of dance like jazz, contemporary, and acro.

We follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus – an established ballet program with more than 100 years of dance education history. The RAD style focuses on creating a well-rounded dancer: skilled in technique, expression, and character.

Hip Hop

Find your groove.

Have a funky kid who loves hip hop music? They’d be great for this class. Our hip hop classes include a variety of styles of street dance, from popping and locking to funk and breakdancing. Hip hop is all about strength, energy, and style.


It’s all about energy!

Jazz focuses on strength in the lines of the body combined with modern musical expression. Our classes integrate the ADAPT syllabus – an internationally-recognized dance education program to guide dancers in technique, strength, and choreography. 

Contemporary dance uses a combination of ballet, jazz and modern techniques. This form requires control and strength to execute dynamic changes in tempo and improvisation.

Little Dancers

Children are born to move!

Our Little Dancers program is perfect for young children ages 2-5 interested in starting their dance journey in a fun environment.
At this age, children learn the basics of dance through ballet-based foundational techniques. Instructors use a mixture of creative movement and dance technique to help the children develop both coordination and musical expression.

Strengh & Conditioning

Refine your dance skills.

Strength and Conditioning classes help dancers improve their stability, coordination, balance, alignment, and flexibility. This class is important because muscle strength and proper technique is key to preventing injury. We recommend at least one of these classes per week for most dancers.


Making music with your feet.

This style teaches dancers rhythm and musicality using the sounds created with the taps on the shoes. Tap classes will include the ADAPT syllabus to teach the dancers terminology, technique and choreography.


Feel the rhythm.

Our child Zumba classes provide a dynamic, energetic dance experience in a fun setting. Zumba fuses latin and international music, blending aerobics and interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms.

Class Schedule

Dress Code

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I register?
You can register here. If you need to set up an account, just click “Set Up Account” and each page will guide you along each step.

How long is each class session?
Each class ranges from 30 min to 75 min. For our recreational program, we have full year and seasonal options (4-6 weeks). Our competitive program runs year-round September-June.

What should my child wear?
Common Ground has a dress code for specific dance types. You can view our dress code for each dance style here.

Why is there a dress code? Appropriate attire helps a dancer move properly and feel great. The right combination of clothing also helps our instructors get a better view of a dancer’s technique and movements, so they can provide helpful feedback. Dress codes can also help reduce distractions and increase confidence.

Can I watch my child’s dance lesson?
Yes, we have windows and a viewing area in Studios 1 & 3 for parents and family members to enjoy watching dance classes. We ask you to remain in this area so that dancers can remain focused during their class.

How are students selected for the competitive team? The CGDA instructors will invite members to the competitive team for solos, duets, trios, small groups and/or large groups based on commitment, attitude, dedication, technique and ability seen in-studio.

Register for Dance Classes

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Common Ground - Elisabet White

Elisabet White, RAD RTS

Owner & Artistic Director

Elisabet has been teaching dance for over 10 years and dancing for more than 25 years. Born and raised in Ottawa, Elisabet danced locally where she successfully completed her RAD Advanced 2 Ballet and ADAPT Advanced Jazz examinations while attending Canterbury High School - Performing Arts – Dance program. In 2012 Elisabet went on to attend the prestigious Ailey School Professional Division, NYC where she received a Certificate of Dance with Honours. After graduating she pursued a certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). She has also trained at Alonzo King LINES, San Francisco, and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Summer Professional Programs. During her dance training she had the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers such as: Alonzo King, Sidra Bell, Matthew Rushing, Darrell Moultrie, Amy Hall, Ray Mercer, and Carlos Dos Santos.

While studying dance at The Ailey School, Elisabet had the privilege of teaching children in The Ailey School First Steps Program, and travel to Florida as a guest teacher. These opportunities ignited her passion for teaching dance. After graduating from The Ailey School, she went on to expand her teaching skills in Halifax, NS and the surrounding area, teaching various methods of ballet, and jazz styles of dance, to children and adults, and choreograph for national competitions and local performances. While in Halifax she also volunteered at local schools to engage students in dance activities.

Over the years, Elisabet has had the opportunity to perform in the Tri-State area of New York, Canada and Mexico.

Elisabet has now returned home to Ottawa and in pursuing her passion for dance and vision to explore dance with children, she opened the doors to Common Ground Dance Academy in 2020.

Her passion for teaching children the art of dance is evident in her guidance and support for her students.

As Elisabet continues to pursue her passion for dance and to teach the art of dance, she now sees her vision to offer her love for dance to children of all ages and opened the doors to Common Ground Dance Academy to pass on her passion to the community.

“No matter where you come from or who you are, when we’re in the studio, we’re all on common ground” is the founding vision of Common Ground Dance Academy.